Lazik is a reflection of the beautiful cultural melting pot that Cork has become. We started out as a group of session musicians, where we discovered we couldn't resist wandering off the didly-eye path of the standard Cork session repertoire.

To our delight we discovered that other great and well-travelled musicians had a similar appetite for different signature 'weird' world music. Thus, in 2005 we all decided to come out of the session closet and Lazik was, is and will be!

Our repertoire is varied, to say the l'east. Our love of suave melodies, crazy rhythms and wild dancing is the chore of our sound. Our journeys around the world collecting songs and tunes, and our various musical and cultural backgrounds provide us with a wealth of inspiration. Wild dance tunes with Scandinavian power and Bulgarian upbeat mix with Eastern rhythms; French chansons and Breton dances blend with Irish tunes and Greek, Turkish and Yiddish melodies.

We bring you a night of shimmering bellydance rhythms, rocking Scandinavian melodies and groovy Eastern European music.

Besides haunting the hills of Cork with groovy sounds, Lazik has toured The Netherlands, Belgium and France, rocked-up the Ennis Trad Fest 2006, shook the Cork Folk Fest 2006 and collaborated with the bellydancers of Rashenkoti for the Cork Ladyfest 2008 and Tribal Cure 2008. The band has supported the French/Malian band Tinariwen in Cork Opera House and cast a dancing spell on the fabulous audience of The Festival of World Cultures 2008 in Dun Laoghaire.

Lazik collaborated with Andy Ivrine for Cork Folk Festival 2009, Martin O'Connor and band for Festival of World Cultures 2010, and Txutxukan for Dingle Festival Na Beltaine and the fabulous 'Gypsy Carnival' Nights in Cork.

Lazik is just back after a break due to baby birth, and now touring to present the new album 'Far Fetched' released last year. LAZIK plays today as a quintet, featuring Christelle Moisan on Flute and vocals, Barry O'Donovan on Guitar, Stella Rodrigues on Fiddle and Vocals, Dylan Gully on Clarinet, Christian Martin on Electric Bass, and sometimes as guests: Yvonne Leahy on Fiddle and JB Heine on Percussions.

Barry O' Donovan - Guitar

   Barry O' Donovan was born in Cork (Ireland) were he started playing the guitar at a young age. Initially coming from a Rock 'n' Roll background, his musical influences range from Rory Gallagher and Arty McGlynn to Al Di Meola. He has been playing Irish traditional music for the last sixteen years. Barry has accompanied many great musicians, including Seamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey and Conny O' Connell and recorded with Ger and Martha Clancy, Edel O' Sullivan and Seamus Creagh.

In 1998 he co-founded the band Anor with Padraig O' Neill and Christelle Moissan. The band toured all over Europe and played at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient where the band was awarded second prize at the band contest La Bolee des Korrigans. The band released the CD "Anor, Live in Sweden" in February 1999. Barry has played sessions all over Ireland and abroad and is currently playing weekly sessions with Stella Rodrigues and many other well respected musicians.

Christelle Moisan - Flute & Vocals

    Christelle Moisan grew up in the Loire Valley in Brittany (France). From a very young age she was exposed to Breton and Irish music and dance through her uncle, who was a well respected sonneur of bombarde and biniou. Throughout her teenage years she played the guitar and alto recorder. She studied Classical and Baroque singing at the Conservatoire pour Adultes in Tours, where she got the opportunity to join the Chorea choir and tour France.

In 1993 she became enticed by the sound of the wooden flute through the playing of Jean-Michel Veillon, and two years later she moved to Ireland to immerse herself in the rich traditional Irish music scene. In 1997 and 1998 she travelled to Newfoundland to play for The musician, singer and composer. Together with Barry O' Donovan she started the band Anor with whom she toured in Sweden and released the album 'Anor, live in Sweden'. With the band she toured in Spain, Switzerland (Tesserete Festival in two consecutive years) and France (including the Festival Interceltique de Lorient). Christelle currently teaches Irish and Breton music for flute and tin whistle and is playing and singing in various sessions and festivals around Cork and the rest of Ireland. Her musical influences range from Breton and Irish to Jazz and Eastern European music.

Stella Rodrigues - Violin, Accordion & Vocals

    Stella Rodrigues was born in Dordrecht (The Netherlands). At the age of seven she began playing violin and later the viola. Joining Dansemble Radostan, a group of musicians and dancers based in Rotterdam, she performed traditional music and dance from Eastern and Northern Europe touring the Netherlands and Sweden. In 1998 while, studying School Music at the Tilburg Conservatorium she played Dutch and Flemish folk music with Shoe with whom she performed at the Feakle Irish Traditional Music Festival in 2000.

Lured to Ireland by the rich musical life she has been immersed in the session scene for the last six years playing gigs at sessions and festivals all over the country and abroad. The University College Cork allowed her to expand her musical diversity by formally studying Traditional Irish music, Central Javanese Gamelan and Baroque music. While at UCC she won a scholarship to study Gamelan music in Indonesia for three months, specialising in the rebab, a stringed bowed instrument from Arabian origin. Upon completing her ‘Bachelor of Music’ degree, she was commissioned to do many performances for the Cork City Capital of Culture, the highlight of which was “The Merchant of Venice” where she played a leading musical part under the direction of Mel Mercier. She teaches Gamelan and Klezmer music at UCC as well as having many Classical violin and Traditional Irish fiddle pupils, and performs Irish Traditional music sessions on a weekly basis.

Dylan Gully - Clarinet

   Dylan Gully was born in Brittany in 1984. He learnt music through both academic studies and travels, as he has always had a passion for traditional musics from Eastern to Western Europe. He plays the clarinet and flutes for about 20 years. He has been involved for the last 10 years in many transcultural projects fusing jazz, world musics, or electronics, as an Engineer in music systems. He had a gold medal in clarinet performance in 2005 in the 'Conservatoire de Lille' (France), and a M.Sc. in Music Technology in 2008 in the University of Limerick.

From 1998 to 2003 he played classical, jazz and trad pieces with the Belgian pianist and composer Laurent Beeckmans. In 2004 he become part of the ensemble "Tarab Med", fusing Mediterranean musics and musicians from Marocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Liban, Turquey, and Greece. Dylan received several awards and won in 2006 the Het Lindeboom competition for traditional music with the trio Troad. In 2007 Dylan founded the band Txutxukan, whose music was a collaborative work of compositions integrating elements of various musics around the world, mainly inspired by Balkan and Gypsy musics. The band lived in Ireland for few monthes to record a new album which is now being mixed. While living in Ireland he was part of the Limerick Jazz Society, became a member of the cork band Lazik, and the UCC transcultural project Trasna, directed by Mel Mercier, where he played with Liam O Maonlai, and collaborated with Miss Ma representing Ireland in Shangai World Expo. His current musical work focuses on playing Irish traditional music on the clarinet and the development of interactive systems for live performances and film composition. He is currently working on a new live set using interactive systems for singer Francesca Baines.